Highest audience rating drama

Highest audience rating drama = K2TV 'first love' April 20, 1997 65.8% MTV 'What is love?' 64.9% STV 'hourglass' 64.5% The best weight celebrity = Ganghang-dong인터넷바카라 comedian from the royal court 120 ㎏ The oldest drama starring = 88 years in STV 'Dear 온라인블랙잭guitar fellow' The longest drama = 874 broadcasts of MTV 'Power Diary 맞고사이트' on the air for 19 years since October 11, 1980 The first mini-series = 86 years MTV카지노사이트검증 'Firebird' 8 trilogy Choi Jang-soo MC = Huhak K2TV 'Family Entertainment Center' 바카라for the 16th year The longest single program DJ = MBC FM 'Kid's date' Kim Ki-deok From 마카오바카라October 1976 to December 1994 7,000 broadcasts Most spectators mobilized = 'Titanic' Seoul audience 온라인카지노사이트추천2.22 million The firebug was 'Seo-pyeonje' in Seoul in 1993, Youngest actor Kim Min-Hyung appeared in 'Mr. Mamma' in '91 after eight months of 바카라확률age The longest movie title = 'Ask with your eyes룰렛, answer with your face, forever' 24 characters. Director Kim Young-hyo in 74, starring 바카라돈따는법Shin Sung-il The longest song title = 'Like the mighty salmon that goes up against the river upside down' Most movies = Kim Ji-mi. Since바카라노하우 his debut in 57 years, he has appeared in about 800 films. Men are holy days. About 500 pieces. Most directed by Kim Soo-yong. 108 after the로얄카지노 'public service' in '57. Most of the songs released = imaja. 2060 songs Single Album Most Sales = Kim Gun Mo Vol. 3 'Wrong Encounter온라인바카라'. 2.38 million Most member group = OPPA. 8 people. While there may be some controversy about 카지노사이트the above, Because of the fact that systematic records and management are not being carried out due to the fact that? I think it is the records that can be포커사이트seen.

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