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      At that time

      At that time, Kojong sent Chung Kyungwon (1841 ~ 1898) as the head of the delegation, and two bureaucrats and ten evil doers to Chicago. We exhibited 21 kinds of articles such as fan, 더킹카지노sandals, embroidery folding screen. Dog video that exploits Cobra intensely is a hot topic on the Internet. ...

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        Highest audience rating drama

        Highest audience rating drama = K2TV 'first love' April 20, 1997 65.8% MTV 'What is love?' 64.9% STV 'hourglass' 64.5% The best weight celebrity = Ganghang-dong인터넷바카라 comedian from the royal court 120 ㎏ The oldest drama starring = 88 years in STV 'Dear 온라인블랙잭guitar fel...

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